Every case has different needs, and Keene Trial Consulting is prepared to address them. What is critical support for one case is unnecessary expense for another; our experience allows us to tailor an effective, financially appropriate scope of services for your case.

The ideal time to start a consultation is early in the development of the case, before discovery is closed and prior to key depositions. It is also fairly common for us to get involved as discovery is winding down, and trial decisions are being fine-tuned. We work with both scenarios and in many different capacities

This aspect of trial consulting is a feature of all of the approaches employed by Keene Trial Consulting. Between focus groups, mock trials, and trial participation, in any given year we evaluate more venires, listen to more deliberations, and examine the impact of more argument than the busiest trial lawyer could ever manage. It is the nature of our profession. The fact pattern may be about intellectual property, medical negligence, or a contract, but winning is always about people. The consultation around themes and strategies for trial is the product of our experience in having studied individuals, groups, and social psychology as it applies to jury behavior. The result is an ability to assist in designing an effective voir dire, linking it with an engaging opening statement, witness strategies, use of demonstrative evidence, and closing arguments that mobilize juries to take action.