Every case has different needs, and Keene Trial Consulting is prepared to address them. What is critical support for one case is unnecessary expense for another; our experience allows us to tailor an effective, financially appropriate scope of services for your case.

The ideal time to start a consultation is early in the development of the case, before discovery is closed and prior to key depositions. It is also fairly common for us to get involved as discovery is winding down, and trial decisions are being fine-tuned. We work with both scenarios and in many different capacities

Trial observation (with a consultant attending the daily proceedings) or the use of a shadow jury are ways of staying abreast of the impact of the evidence and the judge’s rulings on the jury. Did the technical expert communicate effectively? Did the angry outburst appear defensive or justified? Did you seem attacking of the witness or appropriately challenging? When trial observation is used, the consultant interacts with the trial team on as regular a basis as is deemed productive, in addition to preparing a daily commentary on the themes and major points that were established during that day’s proceedings. Shadow jurors are polled for their reactions to each witness, and their feedback is collected and quickly compiled every day at lunch and at close of court to assist in the next phase of the trial.