Every case has different needs, and Keene Trial Consulting is prepared to address them. What is critical support for one case is unnecessary expense for another; our experience allows us to tailor an effective, financially appropriate scope of services for your case.

The ideal time to start a consultation is early in the development of the case, before discovery is closed and prior to key depositions. It is also fairly common for us to get involved as discovery is winding down, and trial decisions are being fine-tuned. We work with both scenarios and in many different capacities

Understanding what aspects of the case were most persuasive for the jury can be valuable, in planning appeal argument, preparing for future litigation, and global commitment to improving skills. The two most common forms of this research are over the telephone through the use of a structured interview format, or less formally getting the jury back for a reunion at a restaurant or dining club for a private dinner, during which the trial is discussed. Telephone interviews are more helpful in getting individual opinions fully articulated, while the group gathering provides greater appreciation of the leadership issues and group dynamics.