Every case has different needs, and Keene Trial Consulting is prepared to address them. What is critical support for one case is unnecessary expense for another; our experience allows us to tailor an effective, financially appropriate scope of services for your case.

The ideal time to start a consultation is early in the development of the case, before discovery is closed and prior to key depositions. It is also fairly common for us to get involved as discovery is winding down, and trial decisions are being fine-tuned. We work with both scenarios and in many different capacities

This is a more formal and thorough approach to case testing than focus groups, but the goals are similar. Mock trials typically involve presentations of evidence and argument, witnesses (either through video tape or live using actors for the opposing witnesses as well as the actual witnesses from your side), formal use of demonstrative evidence, evaluation of the impact of opening statements, witnesses, evidence, and closing argument. The very thorough report of the groups examines the value and impact of each element of the presentation, as well as addressing specific questions of concern about the cases, normally including the jury charge issues. A major difference between this approach and most focus groups is that these programs typically run at least a full day in length, and can be expanded to resemble a summary jury trial in scope.