Keene Trial consulting was founded in 1994. Prior to that time, Dr. Keene had gathered trial experience as an expert witness in various areas of forensic psychology and neuropsychology, and had testified over 100 times. In 2000, Dr. Rita Handrich, with a similar background as a psychologist and expert witness, joined the firm.

We are dedicated to providing careful, individual attention to our clients, rather than assigning crucial case work to junior associates. Your case will never be delegated or assigned to a subordinate. Drs. Keene and Handrich are the primary consultants, with a large group of experienced affiliated consultants prepared to assist on large projects.

We abide by the code of ethics of the American Society of Trial Consultants, and the ethical responsibilities of our clients. All of our efforts are directed toward enhancing the effectiveness of client advocacy, and achieving the best possible results at trial, mediation, and arbitration.